Bold Studios.
Design thinking for businesses.

Our dual approach

1. We deliver on bespoke projects.
2. We work as part of a bigger team.

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How we work

On paper

Thrashing-out great thinking
→ Ideas:
campaign and content ideas that earn the click
→ Prototyping: getting to grips with the idea before you commit
→ Workshops: defining and designing around the table with teams.

On screen

Thinking from paper to pixels
→ Content: 
video, graphics and campaigns
→ UX: getting customers effortlessly from A to B
→ Email and CRM: building better relationships with customers.

Poste-it notes written on blackboard

Our Process

We use Design Thinking methodology to work through projects. Because itʼs an iterative and collaborative way of working. It focuses on the important people – the customers.

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